London Amber Message – Acid attack at Mangle nightclub – 18th April 2017

The following message is sent on behalf of Superintendent Roy Smith, Metropolitan Police Service.
We would be grateful if you would circulate this message to businesses within your Industry Sector and colleagues.

Police guidance to night time economy premises following incident at Mangle Nightclub
The police criminal investigation is continuing into the serious incident at Mangle nightclub, in which a number of patrons became victims to what is believed to be an acid attack inside the venue. Officers from the MPS licensing team are meeting with the premises management to discuss the incident, and offer support in how to prevent such incidents occurring in the future.
Superintendent Roy Smith from New Scotland Yard said “There is no information to suggest that night time venues are being specifically targeted in relation to these types of attacks. However we would ask that your staff are alert but not alarmed. It is important that where your premises have security staff they have an effective search regime which you should test regularly. You should review your venue policy on liquid containers being allowed in to the premises and ensure your teams are well briefed on what to do in the event of an incident. An ineffective search regime puts your customers and staff at risk so ensure your security teams are performing searches properly and have received relevant and recent training.
If any attack involving a noxious substance is believed to have taken place, the advice is for venue staff toimmediately call the emergency services, and explain that a suspected acid attack has taken place.  Premises staff/security should ensure adequate first aid provisions are in place and the first priority should always be care for the victim. Be careful not to handle any noxious substances and to try and keep people calm. Specific first aid advice can be obtained from the London Ambulance Service. Venue staff can assist by ensuring any CCTV is made immediately available upon the police attending the scene. Where a suspect has been identified, where safe to do so, venue security should try and detain them for police arrival. If any property or items which may have been touched by the suspect have been discarded please attempt to preserve them without putting yourself at risk. If your staff are unable to operate CCTV out of hours you should consider steps to ensure they are trained to do so.”
If you require any further information or advice, please contact your local borough based police licensing team by calling 101, or alternatively contact the MPS Central Licensing Team
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