CSSC London Green Message – London Protect Edition 5 – June / July 2017

Please find attached the latest edition of the London Protect Newsletter for June / July 2017. This attachment is sent on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service.
CSSC Update:
In preparation for upgrading the new CSSC website we have changed our web address to www.thecssc.com. The old address is no longer in operation.
Please remember to renew your membership to CSSC, if you have not already done so, by completing the membership renewal membership form before the 21st July 2017.
It is important that ALL ISLs complete and return the form in order to continue to receive messages after this date.
More than 100 ISLs have registered to attend the CSSC and NCTPHQ Step Change Summit on Monday 17th July 2017 – we look forward to seeing you at the event – please come and say hello to members of the CSSC hub team.