London Green Message – Nottinghill Carnival – 27/28 August 2017

CSSC Bulletin Friday 25/08/2017
For information
The following message is sent on behalf of Commander David Musker, Metropolitan Police Service, in relation to the Notting Hill Carnival:
A policing operation is in place for this year’s Notting Hill Carnival, supported by a command team and led by Commander Musker (Police Gold).
There is no specific intelligence regarding threats to the Notting Hill Carnival, however, in recognition of threat from international terrorism a number of changes have been made to the security arrangements, including deployment of hostile vehicle mitigation measures. Responder organisations should allow extra time on arrival due to the security measures in place.
Transport updates and travel advice will be available from TfL who have contingency arrangements in place for travel disruption and station closures over the bank holiday.
Please see for further information.
Further updates, if appropriate, will be sent through CSSC over the weekend. It is recommended that businesses likely to be impacted by the event should monitor local news channels and the MPS Events Twitter feed @MetPoliceEvents.
SC&O22 Emergency Preparedness
Metropolitan Police Service