CSSC London Green Message – MPS – Wanted Poster

We are taking the unusual step of circulating this wanted poster because we believe that the widest possible distribution of it in the UK, and overseas will help locate Shane O’Brien who police wish to speak to in connection with the 2015 murder of Josh Hanson.  This is a non-terrorism matter.

Download the poster here

O’Brien is believed to be in Europe but has previously demonstrated the means to move about relatively unhindered.  He is either working or receiving support in order to evade arrest and it may be that CSSC linked organisations will have employees or customers who could help locate him.  It is possible he is staying with associates, renting property or living in hotels.  We would ask any recipient of this email to forward it to as many contacts as possible and display the embedded publicity material in appropriate places.

Contact with the authorities can be made through numbers shown or through CSSC contacts if people would prefer.

MPS Counter Terrorism Protective Security Operations