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The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) Scotland project began in January 2013, and represents a partnership between the public and private sectors in Scotland. It was set up in preparation for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2014 Ryder Cup, and proved to be very successful.

CSSC Scotland facilitates the two-way sharing of safety, security, and resilience information between the public and private sectors so that businesses can make informed, appropriate decisions, and keep their operations running, as well as keeping their people, assets and customers safe. We can ensure that, as incidents take place which impact on business, that there is an authoritative voice giving a clear message.

CSSC Scotland has support from key public and private sector partners in Scotland, including Police Scotland, the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, and a range of businesses. It currently partners with over 95 Industry Sector Leads (ISLs) who have agreed to represent their industry sector, and share CSSC Scotland messaging within their networks across the country.

CSSC Scotland has an Executive Board which provides strategic direction to the Project Team, and ensures that the CSSC charity objectives are delivered regionally. The Project Team manages the development of the hub and all day-to-day activities, and works closely together with the team in London to share best practice and ensure consistency wherever possible, whilst also adapting the CSSC mechanism to meet regional requirements.

The success of the CSSC is dependent on both the public and private sectors working together and contributing to the hub. There are opportunities for businesses to support the next phase of the CSSC in Scotland through seconding staff.  To receive CSSC Scotland messages, please register your business.

CSSC shares information on planned events or other major incidents in Scotland which may impact businesses, and will continue to ensure that businesses in Scotland are kept well-informed to allow activation of their own resilience plan.

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To receive CSSC Scotland messages, please register your business