Thank you for your interest in joining the Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communications, (CSSC) network. This section contains important information that will enable us to consider your application and ensure that you are suitably placed geographically and at the right messaging level structure.

Please read the information below and respond to the questions contained in the next document, the membership form. Once completed our membership administrator will review your details and be in touch to let you know how we will progress your application.

We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of companies and individuals applying to join the CSSC, and we feel that this is a clear indication that we are becoming the primary route for the police to send accurate, and authoritative information to businesses.

At the CSSC Annual General Meeting in June 2017 it was announced that we are taking significant steps by working in partnership with the National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters, and the National Business Crime Centre.

Industry Sectors

To achieve this, it is important to structure the CSSC membership in a way that ensures the correct representation for each industry sector, in order to maximise the cascade of messages within each UK region. The table below illustrates the Home Office designated sectors:


  • Low Tech Manufacturing
  • Food, Beverage and Tobacco
  • Metal, Plastic, and non-Metal Mineral Production
  • Shipbuilding and Maritime Services
  • Chemicals


  • Med - High Tech Manufacturing
  • Information, Communications, Technology and Precision Instruments
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Machinery, Electrical and Transport Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing


  • Other Production
  • Petrochemical and Mining
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Communications and Media


  • Knowledge Services
  • Digital and Creative Information Services
  • Financial Services
  • Research and Development
  • Education
  • Hotels, Restaurants and Licensed Premises


  • Other Services
  • Retail and Tourism
  • Transport, Storage and Distribution
  • Real Estate and Property Management Services
  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Security
  • Public Administration


  • Other Services
  • Defence Services
  • Health and Social Care
  • Community, Faith, Diversity & Personal Services
  • Business Services

We fully appreciate that some applicants, such as Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Business Representative Organisations (BROs), may represent or conduct business across more than one sector. For such examples, members would come under the Business Services Sector.

Membership and Categories

In order to ensure the effective targeting of messages throughout the UK regions, we have established membership categories as outlined below:

Industry Sector Lead (ISL): A person who represents a company or organisation who, due to their role within an industry sector, will cascade information provided by authority bodies through the CSSC, in a timely manner, to a wide representation of businesses within their sector. An ISL will also accept additional companies and/or individuals to their distribution cascade of CSSC messages.

Deputy Industry Sector Lead (DISL): A person deputises when the ISL is unable to perform the function of an ISL due to absence or any other reason. A deputy will not carry out these duties unless requested to by the ISL in order to avoid duplication. The person should be a suitable representative for the industry sector and not necessarily a deputy for the ISL in their core employment.

Associate Industry Sector Lead (AISL): A person who represents a company or organisation, and due to its reach or profile, they can disseminate to a significant number of individuals within their company or organisation, or to businesses across more than one specific sector and do not meet the criteria outlined in the definition of an ISL.

In relation to both categories of membership they must be able to agree to the dissemination of the original CSSC messages, in a timely manner that is appropriate for the sector that they represent.

ISLs and AISLs will also be invited to represent their industry sectors at CSSC Bridge Calls. These are convened following significant incidents in order to brief ISLs and AISLs and to seek their views in informing policing and other official bodies in response to an incident.

Recipient: A person who represents a company or an organisation and does not meet the criteria outlined above in relation to an ISL or AISL. Such members will be allocated to a suitable ISL, who will then distribute messages to them.

CSSC Charitable Status

The CSSC is a registered charity and relies on generous financial support, either through donations or the provision of services, facilities or staff seconded to the hub teams, by our public and private sector members and partners. This enables us to continue sending the authoritative messages to all our recipients free of charge.

If your company and/or association would like to find out more about how you could support the CSSC, both within the regions and nationally, please contact a member of the team to establish what type of assistance is required.

As each region is established we will be seeking support in relation to the staffing of each regional ‘virtual’ messaging hub along with suitable representatives to sit on the management boards at a regional and national level. If this is something that is of interest, then please get in touch. The CSSC can only operate through a public private sector partnership and your participation is crucial.

Performance Management

To ensure that we are able to demonstrate how the CSSC is delivering against its aims, we will ask that ISLs or AISLs add a CSSC email address to their distribution list. This will allow us to profile the timeliness and reach of messages being sent out for dissemination.

GDPR Statement

CSSC will keep you informed with safety and security messages from our authority partners.
We process personal information for certain legitimate purposes including:
•    Sending out safety and security messages.
•    Issuing invitations to CSSC safety and security conferences, briefings and related events.
•    Enhance, modify or improve our communications.

We collect only the data we need to enable us to tailor our communications by business sector and location and which helps us to use the most appropriate method to communicate that information. This includes name, address, industry sector, email address and phone number.

The information on our database has been collected as a result of legitimate business activities and has been collected through data provided by applicants for registration via the membership page of the CSSC website.

This data is used only by CSSC and is not shared with third parties. The CSSC holds data on its IT system and we use ‘Everbridge’ to send out information, which is stored in a single database on their server.

We have a Data Protection policy in place to oversee the effective and secure processing of your personal data. We will keep your information until you notify us that you no longer wish to receive this information.
Should you wish to unsubscribe at any time, you can do so via email to: our data controller.

What are your rights
If at any point you believe the information we process on you is incorrect you can request to see this information and have it corrected or deleted.
If you wish to raise a complaint on how we have handled your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Graham Tucker at

If you are not satisfied with our response or believe we are not processing your personal data in accordance with the law you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office

To Conclude

Once the membership form has been successfully processed, you will be informed of your membership status along with the email addresses that will require adding to your distribution list.

Thank you once again for your application and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

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