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The Cross-sector and Security Communications (CSSC) in Wales was established in 2017, in recognition for the need of better communication partnerships between public and private sectors during times of crisis, and to get important messages across to the business communities.

CSSC Wales facilitates the two-way sharing of safety, security and resilience information between the public and private sectors so that businesses can make informed appropriate decisions and keep their operations running and their employees, assets and customers safe. We can ensure that as incidents take place, which impact on business, that there is an authoritative voice giving a clear message to businesses.

CSSC Wales is in the process of building a network of Industry Sector Leads (ISL) that will be responsible for cascading information to industry sector colleagues in Wales. Businesses and organisations may join CSSC to receive messaging, or apply to become an ISL for their sector by completing an online sign-up form. (Link)

CSSC Wales has support from key public and private sector partners in Wales including the Police, Local Resilience Forums, Natural Resources Wales, Welsh government, local government and a range of Welsh industries and businesses. A number of Industry Sector Leads have already been identified who have agreed to represent their industry sector and share CSSC Wales messaging within their networks.

The CSSC Wales will be run by a Senior Management Board created from the public and private sectors within Wales.

About the CSSC

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Recent news and messages
  • CSSC Green message – NaCTSO UK Protect Bulletin – 19 Jul 2023

    View this web page as PDF Title:    Use communications to keep your events safe this summer Message:   Want to have a safe and secure summer experience? Stay alert, report anything that doesn’t feel right, and follow security measures. Let’s keep each other safe. Our summer campaign has lots of free –to-use materials to help keep

    19th July 2023

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